Both our Zero Iron shirts and our Non Iron shirts are low maintenance and highly wrinkle resistant - ideal for travelling. They are designed to stay smooth when packed into a case or worn on a long journey.

Our Zero Iron range are our most premium shirts, breathable and soft, made from 100% cotton. We’ve heat treated it with technology that responds to your body temperature, easing out creases throughout the day. Because the fabric itself is treated, you don't need to worry about it wearing out - the zero iron feature of these shirts will last as long as the shirt itself!

Our Non Iron range are a cotton rich polyester blend with a high tech coating. These shirts are suitable for everyday wear, resisting creasing to keep you looking as good at the end of the day as you did at the start!


For either of these options, simply wash, hang and wear. Wash at 40 degrees with similar colours. Reshape while damp and dry on a hanger. Do not tumble dry.