Different style cuffs are designed to suit different occasions. Have a read of these quick tips to arm yourself with the need-to-know facts for the next time you’re on the hunt for a new shirt to wear.


These are the ones you tend to see on more casual shirts. They’re shorter so you don’t need to fold them back, and they have buttons you can undo when you want to roll your sleeves up.

It’s likely you’ll wear these most of the time because they’re less formal, making them ideal for normal days in the office and drinks later on. Some of them have the corner cut off to match cutaway collars.


These are more formal. You’ll sometimes hear these called French cuffs, but it’s just a dressed-up name for the same thing. They’re designed to be worn folded in half and fastened with cufflinks.

Wear them to weddings, black-tie dos and anywhere you want to look your smartest. And while we’re on the subject, now’s as good a time as any to update your cufflinks collection.