Now that you’ve got the simple Four in Hand knot all tied up, we have a slightly more intricate version to take your tie-knotting game up a level. Although similar to the Four in Hand, the Prince Albert knot repeats the crossover step to give you an additional layer of texture. Here’s our guide to getting it right:


The Prince Albert knot pairs well with a solid coloured tie to draw focus to your knot, but it can also be paired with a patterned tie as a nice touch for special occasions. Patterned ties and the Prince Albert knot work great together for weddings or other occasions where you wish to add something different without outshining the host, groom or groomsmen. The second layer of your knot partnered with the patterned tie will add a stylish, subtle alteration visible to those close enough to notice the additional detail.


And remember – a ‘dimple’ in your tie will add a sophisticated final flourish. It’s easy: create the dimple by pinching your tie at the top and holding it in place while you tighten the knot.