Like anything worth keeping, you’ve got to treat leather right. It’s simple, really. These are the four steps you need to know.

STEP 1: CLEAN The key to crack-free, shiny leather shoes is a good old moisturise. First things first, remove the laces (you don’t want polish on them). Next, wipe away any surface dirt with a brush. Then apply leather conditioner to an old t-shirt and rub in a circular motion to fill in any cracks.

STEP 2: POLISH Choose a cream or wax based polish in a shade that matches your shoes. If in doubt, go lighter, unless you want to completely change the colour. Apply the polish in a circular motion, then buff vigorously with a brush and leave your shoes to dry.

STEP 3: SHINE Grab that old t-shirt again and dab some polish on it, and add a few drops of water onto the leather. Next, you’ll need a bit of elbow grease. Polish the water away until you’ve got a smooth, shiny, mirror-like finish.

STEP 4: STEP BACK It’s time to admire your handy work.