We’ve created this wool-blend suit to stand up to the rigours of your washing machine. Simply put in the bag we provide, place in the drum and hang to dry once the cycle is finished.

It’s a true Performance suit, with the same great feel and refinement of a traditional wool-blend suit but with an added easy-care benefit. Added stretch helps the suit spring back to form and move with you for comfort, while the half-lining encourages airflow.

The fabric base is wool rich, with 51% wool and added comfort stretch. The jacket is half lined in a tailored fit, with the elegant 9cm lapel.

Machine washable at 30 degrees

Care instructions:

The jacket comes with the outer bag which contains the mesh washing bag. The outer bag outlines and illustrates the washing and care instructions for the jacket, trouser and waistcoat, including how to fold each garment and place in the compartments of the mesh washing bag provided.


1. Fasten and close trouser.

2. On a flat surface; fold the trouser in half.

3. Fold trouser leg three times and place into bag's front compartment.

4. Fold waistcoat into four sections and place into front compartment.

5. Zip closed.


1. On a flat surface; place the jacket flat face down, with the buttons closed.

2. Fold one sleeve towards centre back of the body - repeat with second sleeve.

3. Fold the body in three places and place into bag's back compartment.

4. Zip closed.

Washing and drying recommendation:

The garments are to be washed at 30 degrees in a standard domestic washing machine and should be hung dry.

Always wash the suit together in the supplied wash bag, with similar colour garments.

Follow the recommended wash care symbols.

Remove the garments immediately after washing and hang to dry.

We recommend washing the garments no more than 6 times a year to ensure the best possible longevity.

Steaming recommendation:

A light steam may be required for pristine result. Alternatively, steaming the garment for five minutes in the shower may alleviate the need of ironing and have a lower impact on the environment.