Looking for information on the fit of our different suits? 

Skinny/slim, tailored or regular cut suits all have different defining features. Getting clued up on what each of these terms mean will make any suit buying journey much smoother.


Our skinny or slim fit suits have narrow lapels and are fitted across the shoulders. The suit jacket is shorter in length than our tailored and regular fits, and the fit through the chest and sleeves is narrow, and tapers in on the waist to give a slim silhouette.

The suit trousers are narrower on the leg and the hem should rest on the top of the shoe.

Our Moss London and DKNY ranges and some of our Moss 1851 ranges are available in skinny/slim fit. This close-fitting style is our narrowest fit of all our fits, creating a sharper, contemporary silhouette. You may consider going up a size when purchasing your first skinny or slim fit suit, jacket, coat or trouser.


Our tailored fit suits have standard lapels. The suit jacket nips in on the waist and the jacket is mid-line in length. The tailored fit suit trousers are lightly tapered and the hem should rest on the top of the shoe. This cut offers a smart and flattering look which sticks to the core rules of tailoring.


Our Regular Fit Suits have standard lapels with wide shoulders compared to our slim and tailored fit jackets. The jacket fits looser round the waist and is longer in length. The suit trousers are cut straight, ideal if you prefer more flexibility. The suit trouser hem should sit lightly on the shoe. This is a classic everyday suit which allows more room for an easy fit.


For more information, please see our helpful fit guide here.